2 Minute Camera Tip that Avoids Heart Ache

2 Minute Camera Tip that Avoids Heart Ache

Avoiding potential Disaster in Your Camera!

Hello! I just want to share a very quick bit of advice that i think could be a lifesaver for some of you guys!

This is something that i've started incorporating to my own workflow. Partly because i was aware that it might happen when i started seeing that my camera inside my bag, when i forgot to turn it off went into the menu system.

Whether it's you know tightly packed in the bag in and then something leans against it or whether it's quite loose and rolling around in the bag. When you leave that camera on it's very out of your control what buttons are going to come on.

So this is also something that's come up. I've had people phone me up in you know really concerned and worried having this very scenario. So it's actually happened to them... The scenario is you take your photos off from the previous shoot. You put your card back in you erase all the photos whether you're going to erase all or whether you do what I do. Which is going to format and format the card. So i format the card, wipe it and start again then i go and do my shoot then i put the camera back in my bag but if I forget to turn the camera off and it's rolling around in the bag hits the menu button menu button goes back into the last item that i was in on the menu. Most likely "format or erase all". :o

You can see what's going to happen and you know, that's something that does happen. So the best way to avoid that happening for you is to once you've formatted that card take the menu selector off of that and onto something really benign. Something really trivial. Or you know it could even be date and time. The key thing here is that you don't leave that menu selector on the format or the erase section. Because if by chance your camera moves around in the bag or even if you've got a kid or someone else comes in and just starts mucking around with your camera (it happens!) you know you've got much lesser chance of it ending up on that format or a erase all situation and that is going to save you a lot of heart heartache.

As i said i have had people come into me in the past where this scenario has actually completely happened so that's a really quick way of just minimizing the risk of that.

Obviously turning off your camera is a good one but that happens to the best of us (forgetting to turn off the camera).

The other really great way to avoid this is if you've got a camera that has two memory card slots. Put two cards on it and record the same images to both cards. That way if something happens to that card, maybe you push that card in and it pops out  a little bit more enthusiastically and lands in your cup of coffee or whatever. You've still got another memory card with all those same images on it.

"So look after your images and your images will look after you!" i don't know is that a phrase? that's a really horrible way to finish it i'm sorry! but that's it now. that's just a very quick tip which i think is really useful and it's something that i follow so thanks for watching i hope you found it interesting

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