Photography Lessons
Photography Lessons
Photography Lessons
Photography Lessons
Photography Lessons
Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons

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An Exciting, Practical & Inspiring Way to Learn Photography 

Do you want to feel more in control of your camera? Maybe you'd like to wow people with your holiday pictures or family photos?

Whether you're into wildlife, outdoors, street, travel or want to take better photos of your family, a Walking Photography Lesson offers a practical and fun way to learn!

Whatever stage you are at and whatever equipment you use, I'd love to help you get the best out of your camera.

My practical photography lessons are delivered in a relaxed and inspiring environment designed to leave you feeling more confident and more in control of your camera. Feeling fresh and primed to go out and take some awesome photographs!

As a professional photographer with over ten years of experience, I've learnt to know cameras inside out. Working with a variety of clients from magazines to corporations like M&S I've had to hone and demonstrate a wide range of photography skills and techniques. From portraits to wildlife what I love best is capturing a real moment that captures peoples' imaginations. 

With recent awards and nominations in photographic competitions like International Garden Photographer of the Year, Royal Photographic Society's International Print Awards, British Wildlife Photography Awards and several other prestigious prizes, I also know what it takes to create unique & exceptional photos. 

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with people like you and always leave each lesson feeling as inspired as the student! I always make my lessons as practical and enjoyable as possible, because it's the best way to learn! 

Lessons include: 

- Private lesson with professional & award-winning photographer  

- A lesson plan specifically suited to your personal criteria

- Flat-rate fee - You can bring a friend at no extra cost!!!

- Personalised PDF Guide from your lesson

- Half day lessons include a hot drink & cake 

- Full day lessons include a free M&S lunch 



Taster Session - £45 (1 hour) * Weekdays & Within 45 min Drive of Ilkley * 

Half Day (3-4 hours approx) * Includes Hot Drink & Cake * - £135

Full Day (6-7 hours approx) * Free M&S lunch included * - £275

Two Mini Sessions (2x 1.5 hour lessons) * New * - £135

Four Mini Sessions (4x 1.5 hour lessons) * New * - £250

* Refreshment & lunch offers are limited to 2 students per session & subject to availability 

**Refreshments & lunch offers currently suspended due to COVID 19 safety measures **

A gift that inspires & lasts... Photography Lessons make a unique & original gift that will last. You can buy Lesson Vouchers here. 

“I had such a wonderful day with Rich after receiving a full day’s lesson as a gift from my daughter. He was so helpful on our walk and later with Lightroom. I learned a lot and plan to attend some of his future events.” - Google Reviews 5*


About Rich Bunce Walking Photographer:

Rich Bunce is a professional photographer with over 10 years of commercial experience. In that time he has worked with a variety of clients on a broad range of assignments from small publishers to large corporates like Coke Cola and M&S.

Rich became obsessed with photography from the age of around 6 when he received his first 110 film camera that was delivered from the Avon Catalogue.

Since then he went on to complete a National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and BA (hons) in Photography. He has also been honoured with a variety of nominations for several prestigious photography awards including Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Awards, International Garden Photographer of the Year and category winner in the British Wildlife Photography Awards 2019.  


Common Questions

Where do you run your lessons?

I can provide lessons up to 1.5 hours from Leeds, West Yorkshire and further if you can cover the fuel expenses. I'm happy to offer inspirational location suggestions or can provide the lesson locally to you. 

Can I bring a friend or family member? 

Yes, friends or family members are welcome at no extra cost!

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, I love dogs!

Can I split my lesson over several days?

You can now! New Mini-Sessions offer a great, bite-sized way to learn photography. It also helps you retain information as we refresh & follow up at each session.  

Can you teach me specifically to take better portraits?


Can you teach me specifically to take better photos of wildlife?


I'm going on holiday and want a lesson before I go. Is there time?

Yes! If you can be flexible with your time, I can get you ready with everything you need to take gorgeous photos while on your holiday!

I've not used my camera since I got it. Do I need to be familiar with it before my photography lesson?

No, not at all. My lessons are geared up to get you confident and relaxed with your camera and it's settings.

Do I need a fancy camera to do a lesson with you?

Any and all cameras are most welcome, just remember to charge the camera  batteries the night before :)

I've got two different cameras can I bring them both?

Yes bring any camera and any equipment you'd like to understand better and I'll make sure I teach you how to get the best from it. 

Can I learn Photoshop & Lightroom as part of my lesson?


Customer Reviews

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Can I bring children?

From an early age, photography has played such a key role in my life. As part of my desire to champion photography to young people I offer free places for under 16s when accompanied by a paying adult

What if the weather forecast is bad?

You may be surprised just how many bad forecasts result in beautiful days - it happens a lot!

Walking Photography will always try and proceed with a planned photo walk. If extreme weather conditions or severe accessibility issues arise, then the walk date will rearranged for a convenient date. 

What if the weather is bad? 

It is surprisingly rare to have an event that is completely marred by the weather. With a deep to commitment to offering fun and enjoyable photo walks and workshops, if the event is judged to have been ruined by the weather participants will be given a 50% discount voucher off a future Photo Walk workshop up to the same value. 

Can I bring my camera phone or tablet?

Yes! We welcome camera phone and tablet walkers on most photo walks. There are some events like Get a Grip Course and the Night Photo Walks where you require manual functions on your camera. Such events are clearly noted in the descriptions.

What is the accessibility like? 

Accessibility varies widely from event to event. Please get in touch with any accessibility questions.

Walking Photography also offers Private Leisure Tours at a fixed rate that can be tailored to address any accessibility needs.