Walks with Nature

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Revive & Reconnect with nature on a Wildlife Walk

Distance: Usually Easy & up to 3 miles max
Skill Level: All abilities
Duration: 2-3 hours & 7-8 hours
Group Size: 3-6 Max
Cost: £35 - £70

Walks with Nature are about sinking into an environment with or without a camera and exploring nature at it's best.

Each walk is carefully designed to share fieldcraft tips and techniques for responsibly and ethically enjoying wildlife behaving naturally in its natural environment. 

This series of nature walks are about exploring habitats in a sensitive and responsible way. Observing natural wonders with little to no impact on their environment. Learning ethical fieldcraft that allows you to experience wildlife at its best... Natural and undisturbed.

The walks are for anyone and centred around the overall experience of nature and wildlife. While cameras are more than welcome, these are not photography workshops. 

2023 Dates 

29th Jan, 7.30am (3 hours) - Winter Wetlands (St Aidan's, Leeds)

10th Feb,  10am - 1pm - In Search of Kingfisher (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

10th Feb,  2.30pm - 5.30pm - In Search of Owls (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

17th Mar,  10am - 1pm - In Search of Kingfisher (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

17th Mar,  3pm - 6pm - In Search of Owls (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

21st Apr,  9am - 5pm - River & Moor Tour, Full Day, Ilkley 

23rd Apr, 7am (3 hours) - Spring Wetlands (St Aidan's, Leeds)

5th May, 2pm - 9pm - In Search of Otter (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

10th May, 6.30pm (4 hours) - Spring on the Moors (Hawksworth)

15th May, 7pm (3 hours) - Spring on the River (Ilkley)

16th Jun,  10am - 1pm - In Search of Kingfisher (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

16th Jun,  6.30pm - 9.30pm - In Search of Owls (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

7th Jul,  7pm (2.5 hours) - Summer Wetlands (St Aidan's, Leeds)

8th Jul,  9am - 12pm - In Search of Kingfisher (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

8th Jul,  7pm - 10pm - In Search of Owls (Talk & Walk, Burley in Wharfedale)

12th Jul, 6.30pm (3 hours) - Summer on the Moors (Hawksworth)

9th Aug,  1pm - 9pm - River & Moor Tour, Full Day, Ilkley  

17th Sep,  7.30am (3 hours) - Riverside

Please remember that wildlife is unpredictable and there can be no guarantees on what species we'll see on any nature walk. However, you are guaranteed a relaxing, informative and inspiring time with like-minded people enjoying nature. 

Every Walk with Nature is sensitive to the habitats and wildlife within them. The aim of these walks aren't to "chase" down a particular species, rather, to share the knowledge, skills and fieldcraft that will help you create meaningful encounters over many years to come. Please see more details on each of the walks highlighted below...  

In Search of Owls

Barn Owl on a nature walk

Location: Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire

Duration: 2-3 hours

Seeing an owl is always magical and the best way to see them is in their own environment behaving naturally. This specially designed walk takes in the habitats of at least three owl species and in the right conditions offers a fair chance of seeing them! 

  • Learn responsible and ethical in-the-field techniques of spotting wild owls and their habitats 
  • Experience a range of inspiring environments offering a diverse range of wildlife including Curlew, Lapwing, Kestrel, Sparrow Hawk, Red Kite, Buzzard, Little Owl, Tawny & Barn Owl.
  • Nature Notes: Fact sheet handout full of info on UK owls, their habitats and the best way to find and observe them (emailed as a download after the event)
  • Maximum of 4 participants


In search of Kingfisher

Kingfisher on a perch, part of nature walkLocation: Various West Yorkshire

Duration: 2-3 hours 

Whether it’s a flash of orange and blue whizzing past or perched ready to dive for a fish, experiencing a Kingfisher in its natural habitat is always exhilarating! This carefully prepared walk explores the habitats and the behaviour of the often elusive Kingfisher. 

  • Improve your chances of seeing and experiencing a Kingfisher under expert guidance, so you can responsibly watch them in their natural habitat on future, self-led walks 
  • Experience the diverse wildlife of the riverside including Kingfisher, Dipper, Heron, Goosander, oystercatcher, common sandpiper and (very) occasionally otters! 
  • Nature Notes: Fact sheet handout full of info about Kingfishers their habitats and the best way to find and observe them (emailed as a download after the event)
  • Maximum of 4 participants


The Secrets of the Otter

Otter Wildlife Walk

Location: Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Duration: 2-3 hours

For many, otters are the pinnacle of any wild waterside encounter. Just a glimpse can have you walking on air for weeks! Spotting otters isn't always easy and luck can play a big part. However, there are ways to improve that luck tenfold and this walk will share some top-tips and otter secrets as we explore some popular otter habitats. 

  • Improve your understanding of the riverside habitat with expert guidance
  • Experience the diverse wildlife of the riverside. Sightings could include Kingfisher, Dipper, Heron, Goosander, oystercatcher, common sandpiper, and with some luck, otters! 
  • Nature Notes: Fact sheet handout full of info on otter, their habitats & the best way to find and observe them (emailed as a download after the event)
  • Maximum of 4 participants



Explore the banks of the River Wharfe in Ilkley. As the sun sets and the light begins to fade our senses sharpen and a new natural world opens itself up. From birds and animals getting their last meals to bats, owls and otters just waking up. Not only will we be privy to the secretive sights and sounds of the twilight river, we'll be armed with the latest professional standard bat detector.

This Echo Meter will enable us to decipher the many different species of bat that enjoy hunting along the Wharfe. 

  • Improve your understanding of the riverside habitat with expert guidance
  • Experience the diverse wildlife of the riverside in the twilight hours. Sightings could include Kingfisher, Dipper, Heron, Goosander, oystercatcher, common sandpiper, several species of owl and bat and occasionally otters! 
  • Nature Notes: Fact sheet handout full of info about Bats & Otter, their habitats & the best way to find and observe them (emailed as a download after the event)
  • Maximum of 4 participants


St Aidan's

St Aidan's Nature Reserve

Location: St Aidan's, Leeds

Duration: 2-3 hours

A day at St Aidan's where something special isn't spotted is a rarity in itself at this truly unique and extraordinary site. Slovenian, Black Necked and Great Crested grebe, Spoonbill, garganey and short-eared owl are just a few rarities spotted at various times of the year while little owls, bearded tits, bitter, a host of warblers and waders are found to varying degrees throughout the year. In addition to the hundreds of thousands of birds, deer and hare can also often be seen in the early mornings here. This RSPB protected land punches well above its weight and offers great wildlife watching 365 days of the year.

Winter Highlights: Goldeneye, big numbers of Winter Waders, Short Eared Owl, Kingfisher, rare migrating birds

Spring Highlights: Grebes (Slovenian, Black Necked), Great Crested Grebe Mating ritual, Warblers including Sedge, Cetti's, Reed, Chiffchaff, Willow, Whitethroat, Drinking Swallows, swifts and Martins

Year-round highlights: Bearded Tits, Bittern, Little Owl, Kestrel, Peregrine Waders, Wildfowl like Shovelers, Wigeon, Pink-footed goose


On the Moor / Moorland Birds 

Golden Plover

Location: Burley Moor, Ilkley

Duration: 3-4 hours

Explore one of the world's rarest habitats at its most active. Meander through a patchwork of grasses, mosses, heather and wetland environments, just as the wildlife starts to pass through, breed and nest. 

Possible sightings: Ring Ouzel, Wheatear, Snipe and Cuckoo (if lucky!), Curlew, Red Grouse, Golden Plover, Lapwing, Redshank, Oyster Catcher, Red Kite, Kestrel, Merlin, Short Eared Owl, Barn Owl, little owl Brown Hare & much more! 

The River & Moor, One Dayer Tour 


Location: Ilkley

Duration: 8 hours

A special day exploring a variety of habitats at one of the busiest times for British Wildlife. The River & Moors tour takes in some of the most diverse and rich habitats in the local area, and on a good day can offer some truly exciting experiences.

As always, we'll focus on responsible and positive ways to watch and experience nature. Sharing in-the-field techniques that will help you to continue enjoyable and ethical wildlife encounters in the future.  

For possible sightings, please see Kingfisher & Moorland birds descriptions. 

Magnificent Malham

Peregrine Young Malham

Location: Malham Village 

Duration: 3 hours (approx)

Put simply, Malham is one of my favourite places on this planet!

With a small group, we'll explore an ancient habitat, rich and diverse in wildlife.

This particular walk is timed to catch the nature and wildlife at its most active.

Not only are there the stunning migrant species like redstart, wheatear and spotted flycatcher but residents like the the green woodpecker and dipper offer great viewing opportunities too.

The iconic peregrines that nest on the cove should be very active too as their will have recently fledged or be very close to fledging, turning the cove area into an amphitheatre of drama!

Butterflies, wildflower fields and orchids all add to the breathtaking beauty of this stunning and unforgettable walk with nature.

As always sensitive and responsible fieldcraft will be at the heart of this unique and memorable event.

Please note: This walk includes some steep inclines and potentially tricky terrain.


Curlew Day


Location: Burley in Wharfedale 

Duration: 4 hours


Their shape is iconic and features on many a club's or organisations emblem or logo. But Curlew are in trouble and their numbers are dramatically reducing year on year. Join me on World Curlew Day as we search the various habitats and learn more about Europe's largest wading bird.

All proceeds from this walk are donated to Curlew Action


Bempton Cliffs

Short Eared Owl, Bemptom

Location: Bempton Cliffs, North Yorkshire Coast

Duration: 2-3 hours

Another one of my favourite places on earth! Many people know about the huge gannetry here and the highly entertaining puffins that visit in the summer. Winter is no less exciting though! 

Winter is a great time to explore Bempton, with flocks of birds on the winter stubble, hare and deer weaving across the patchworks of fields as day flying barn owls and with luck, short eared owls prowling the border for a quick snack and that's before looking out to sea. With more dolphin, whale and seal sightings than ever there's always a chance for an exciting clifftop sighting and if not, the graceful fulmar will mesmerise you as they sky dance in and out of the cliffs. Being on the East coast there's always the chance of the odd rarity turning up too, from snow bunting to the albatross! 


The benefits of experiencing wildlife and nature are innumerable. Exciting, relaxing, reflective and joyous; a walk with nature is like food for the soul 

Wildlife walking tours offer people a chance to enjoy nature at its best with a very small group of like-minded people. Each walk is carefully researched and is packed full of inspirational facts and experiences.

The best way to enjoy wildlife is in its natural environment, behaving naturally. These walks all share ways and techniques of gaining meaningful experiences with nature that have a minimal impact on the environment and wildlife within it. 

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Can I bring children?

From an early age, photography has played such a key role in my life. As part of my desire to champion photography to young people I offer free places for under 16s when accompanied by a paying adult

What if the weather forecast is bad?

You may be surprised just how many bad forecasts result in beautiful days - it happens a lot!

Walking Photography will always try and proceed with a planned photo walk. If extreme weather conditions or severe accessibility issues arise, then the walk date will rearranged for a convenient date. 

What if the weather is bad? 

It is surprisingly rare to have an event that is completely marred by the weather. With a deep to commitment to offering fun and enjoyable photo walks and workshops, if the event is judged to have been ruined by the weather participants will be given a 50% discount voucher off a future Photo Walk workshop up to the same value. 

Can I bring my camera phone or tablet?

Yes! We welcome camera phone and tablet walkers on most photo walks. There are some events like Get a Grip Course and the Night Photo Walks where you require manual functions on your camera. Such events are clearly noted in the descriptions.

What is the accessibility like? 

Accessibility varies widely from event to event. Please get in touch with any accessibility questions.

Walking Photography also offers Private Leisure Tours at a fixed rate that can be tailored to address any accessibility needs.


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