New! Cabin Fever Induced Clothing Range

New! Cabin Fever Induced Clothing Range

What do you do when you're only allowed out once a day for exercise for 3 months? Well, there's actually 101 things I could have done but for some reason, the idea of designing teeshirts and hoodies was one of a few that stuck... So that's what I did! 

The designs were something that had been in the back of mind for while. Popping up again every now and then when out on a walk, sipping a coffee (or pint). Faced with the challenges of lockdown, mentally, physically and financially, I put my headphones on and started designing the three designs used in this new range. 

Starling Wars

The starling design is inspired from my photos of starling's squabbling and jostling for position on my neighbours' tv aerials.  It was the original idea that got the ball rolling for this Teeshirt and jumper range. Starlings have declined by 66% since the mid 70s. From urban rooftop nest sites to rural murmurations, these charismatic birds are an integral part of our British birding identity. View Starling Wars range

Curlew Eclipse

I don't remember my first Curlew sighting, but I do remember first sighting of a Curlew in the Yorkshire Dales! To my suburbia-tinted eyes, these massive waders seemed out of place. Now, they are a daily delight throughout the year, filling the air with their unique call. But for how long? Curlews are one of our fastest declining birds. The design is partly inspired by Mary Colwell's excellent book Curlew Moon, where she expertly unravels the plight of this iconic bird. View Curlew Eclipse Range 

Rise of the Swifts

The Swifts design is inspired from my photos of swifts darting and weaving across a setting sun at the end of our row of houses. We're lucky to have a few roof eaves that the swifts nest in every summer and to watch their aerial displays on a warm, sunny evening is an utter joy! The declines in the UK of over 50% since 1995 is something I really hope we can help reverse. View Swift Range 

TeeMill - Organic & Ethical Clothing

My awareness of Teemill and their products is one of the reasons behind my clothing range idea. With organic materials produced ethically and printed in an UK factory powered by renewable energy, there's a lot to love about them!

Visit my Teemill Store here


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