File Corruption Frustration Vlog…

File Corruption Frustration Vlog…

There are some things you never want to see as a photographer and corrupt files is right up at the top of the list! It’s something I’d never personally experienced before so when I started to see the results of a recent shoot come back with corrupt images I went from panic, to anger and back to panic…

In this 5 minute video I share what I think led to the corrupt image files and drawer on two big lessons learnt from the experience.


What to do if your image files are corrupt on the memory card

Luckily in this case the corruption was occurring during the transfer of these images rather than in the camera and even more lucky I still had the photos on a card.

As I mention in the video, recording photos onto two different memory cards is a good practice to protect yourself against potential memory card failures. If you do find yourself in the position where your photo files are corrupt there a still some things you can try to rescue them.

There are a number of software companies that offer image recovery applications and this is going to be best option to salvage damaged image files. Take a look online at different tutorials and image recovery software reviews like this article from online tech tips.

With luck you’ll never have to worry about this, but as the Scouts always say it better to be prepared!


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