Getting to grips with your camera in 2015

Getting to grips with your camera in 2015
Getting to grips with your camera

Get a Grip photographers taking in the local scenery

It’s true that the digital revolution has made the act of taking photos cheaper than ever before, but one thing it hasn’t done, is make cameras any less complicated. It seems a week barely passes without a new digital camera with a newfangled button being released. Sometimes I wonder if future photographers will evolve extra fingers to accommodate this ever-growing number of buttons and features found on our digital cameras!

With so many new cameras and “unique selling points” swamping the market, it’s no surprise that lots of people don’t have a clue where to start after taking their shiny new camera out of it’s box.

It’s precisely for this reason that I wrote the Get a Grip Photography Course, which helps people who are overwhelmed by the different options on their camera or simply want to get better photos from it. The workshop cuts through the jargon and sales-speak and gives people the knowledge required to use their cameras more effectively.

It’s also a fun, engaging and very practical workshop. I’ve never been comfortable learning in a classroom environment, learning photography should be a fun and inspiring experience. It’s only when we do what we’ve been shown that we actually learn.  That’s why there are two practical photo walks written in the workshop, giving people the chance to practice under the supervision of a professional photographer, whilst enjoying the stunning Yorkshire scenery.

A landscape scene

A landscape scene just a stone’s throw from the Get a Grip classroom and part of the second photo walk of the day

So far the course has proved really popular with the first three dates of 2015 selling out, a feature in Woman and Home magazine as well as great reviews online. The best thing though is seeing people who were once scared to use their digital camera, wanting to get out more and take more photos!

“…Just wanted to say thank you for one of the best days out and instruction I have been on. As this was a birthday present I was not sure what to expect, but the day was fun, informative and I know more about my camera from yesterday, than I have learned in the year I have had it. I will look forward to putting the techniques into practice and look forward to attending another of your courses in the future.” – Email from June Get a Grip Workshop attendee

Here are a few pictures from the last Get a Grip workshop in June:

If you are interested in learning how to use your camera and getting better photos please visit the Get a Grip page or call 07828117810.

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