Ilkley Moor Photo Walk, May 2014

Ilkley Moor Photo Walk, May 2014
Ilkley Moor Photo Walk May 2014

Check out some of the photos of the last Ilkley Moor Photo Walk from a few weeks ago (30th May). I had three people attend the workshop, all from different parts of Yorkshire and all with different interests and experiences in photography.

All three of the guys who attended this photo walk were friendly and super enthusiastic, they were a real joy to teach! We all had a grand time exploring the hidden treasures of Ilkley and Burley Moor and everyone (myself included) came away feeling very inspired!

As the walk came to an end I asked everyone about their favourite experiences during the photo walk:

“I really liked learning how to use foregrounds to create more interesting photos”

“I loved seeing parts of the moor that I hadn’t seen before and looking at it in new, different ways”

“I enjoyed discovering all the different sides to the moor with nice, friendly people”

Here’s some great photos taken during the Photo Walk from attendee Jean Robinson…

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