Lockdown 2.3: Water

Lockdown 2.3: Water

We're nearly there! Part 3 of 4 photographic themes is all about water. I really dynamic subject with lots of room for interpretation. I was also thrilled at the weekend to get a mention in the Yorkshire Post, although I'd like to amend one small item in that I am a Burley in Wharfedale based photographer rather than Ilkley which is just a few miles across the way and equally lovely! 

Rich Bunce Walking Photographer in the Yorkshire Post Lockdown Photography Article

Lockdown 2.3 Video Transcript:

hello i have to confess i do quite like those bear gryll type programs survival type programs and i watch them from time to time but whenever you watch those those things the first thing that they always look for is water water does oh i'm just watching some goldfinches out how happy that went but so water does is oh start that again um water has what does and will ah jeez water has does and always will play a vital role for life on earth so it's no wonder that it has such a powerful influence on our well-being our thoughts and psyche really whenever we're around it and think about it it can be relaxing and calming or it can be thrilling and exhilarating however and whatever i experience whatever way i experience watering i always find it awe-inspiring so it's a great theme for us to explore in this third week of our national lockdown all of us have access to water in some shape or form you might have local ponds or reservoirs you may have rivers or streams that run through or nearby your towns and villages maybe it's the rain hitting your house or car window maybe it's the bird bath in your garden whether it's in your immediate surroundings or further afield the broad theme of of water is one that i think will be able to inspire and captivate us all you could focus on what uses the water you could focus on interactions with the water you could look at how kids throwing stones and sticks into the water you could focus on feeding the ducks on the water look at the wildlife that uses the water you could watch and photograph leaves and things like that floating on the top of a river for example you could look at the wildness and the ruggedness of the sea or you could look at the calmness and the tranquility of a human-built canal maybe you could trace a local stream or back up to its source once you start looking at this subject i think there's going to be an endless path of networks that are going to start inspiring you and giving you ideas to explore the theme of water with your camera and i think it's really going to bring a lot of joy to a lot of people as well as they explore it so i'm really excited about this broad theme and i think everyone is gonna really engage with it and i also think that it's something that you don't even need to necessarily take photos of you can just enjoy it obviously but you might even want to try and do films with it it's such a dynamic subject water uh i it seems a perfect uh subject to actually start exploring the idea of films filming with your phones and cameras as well so i'm always really excited to see the results from each week's theme and i'm really excited about this one because because it is so broad i know that everyone's going to bring in lots of different things to the table and i not only do i find them inspiring i know that your photos and posts on the walking photography group in facebook are really encouraging and helping other people as well so please keep posting on there and i'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with

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