Nature Photography Walk on Rochdale Canal

Nature Photography Walk on Rochdale Canal
Nature Photography Walk on Rochdale Canal

In January I was commissioned by Transport for Greater Manchester and River and Canal Trust to lead a nature photography walk along the Rochdale Canal.

Despite the Manchester section of the Rochdale canal being comparatively urban there’s still an inspiring array of wildlife sightings reported there, including Kingfisher and Goosander. With such a great range of wildlife inhabiting the local area it’s no surprise people were keen to learn how to best capture it.

People are often surprised at just how much nature there is to be experienced during the winter months. With all the foliage from the trees and bushes gone, winter allows you peer into a new world of wildlife usually inaccessible the rest of the year. As food become more scarce birds and animals become bolder in the search for some sustenance. This means, if you’re lucky, you can get closer nature too!

The walk started from Newton Heath library and took the towpath towards the centre of Manchester. As we walked along the canal we looked at different ways to take great wildlife photographs using any camera. We didn’t spot any Kingfishers but there was plenty of wildlife and nature for us to spot and practice on.

As we returned to the Library car park we caught sight of a pair of Indian Runner ducks. I
absolutely love these ducks, they were my favourite animals on a farm I used to work at during the summer holidays. It was a quacking (sorry!) way to end the walk.

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