New Lockdown Theme, it's a Colour... 🌱

New Lockdown Theme, it's a Colour... 🌱

 New video featuring some "fake" indoor gardening news and introducing the latest lockdown photography theme. Share your responses in the Walking Photography Facebook Group


Photo Theme Video Transcript... 

Hello! thanks so much for coming back today i've got a new theme for us to explore together that i'm really looking forward to sharing with you

well before i say anything else i need to put a quick disclaimer out there in that other than producing too much carbon dioxide by talking too much i have contributed absolutely nothing towards the growth of this wonderful indoor plant that's all been down to my wife and to be brutally honest until last week i didn't even know we had an indoor house plant and i'm told we've had it since before christmas so uh that gives you an idea and i've probably over watered it now so probably die next week and i've just caught the evidence on on camera for everyone to see my uh one fatal in uh intervention with this house plant so hopefully that'll be all right but i wanted to use it as a little prop to introduce the new theme now i don't know where you're watching this from another part of the country or another country indeed but where we are here we've had a real change in the weather it's felt a lot warmer and we've had some sunny days which has been great and we've had some green shoots come up and saplings appear bird behaviors started to change a bit and we've had wonderful snow drops come up which have been real joy to look at and and photograph as well and it could have come sooner i think you know i think it was starting to feel a bit of a drag it has felt like a drag but when you feel when you see the green shoots starting to come up and you see new life starting to appear and this change as we approach spring i think it really does lift everyone and and you feel that and you feel that kind of sense of anticipation that it really inspires a bit of hope i think and and and while i think it's a bit too soon to explore the theme of spring i think we definitely want to wait until there's a lot more flower flowers around and there's a bit more stuff to photograph birds nesting and things like that i think we could explore the theme and i think we will explore the theme of green and greens can have the color green can have a very similar effect it's sort of we naturally connect to it it represents freshness it represents health it represents new life and all those kind of things and and exploring that i think can really help us help lift us as well and looking at the photos that everyone takes will undoubtedly really help us as well to to as we look through those photos and and i think it doesn't have whatever you photograph it doesn't have to be nature it doesn't it can be anything you know like a door an old door with peeling green paint or whatever that's just my imagination you guys are better at in interpreting these themes and and it's and the more diverse like with all the topics we look at the more diverse the reactions to each topic the more enjoyable it is to look at so really you know sink your teeth into it think about you know think about all the different greens that you experience as you're walking as you're in the house all those kind of things and and think about how you might want to photograph them the last topic we explored through windows using windows to look through indoors outdoors and using and looking using the light coming in through windows as well all those different interpretations were great i think it was my favorite theme not just for me to explore but to see everyone's reactions to and everyone produced different stuff and there were lots of photos that come in so it was really great and inspiring to see and it's not just the themed photos that you guys post on the walking photography group it's the other photos you take as well which are really inspiring and i always add them on to the end of each video so uh keep watching at the end to see some of my favorite pics that you guys have shared that haven't been part of the topic but they are as important because you know each time you post throughout the week it's really good just to have five minutes in the day just looking at what people are photographing and sharing in that walk-in photography facebook group which is it's brilliant so keep that up uh i'm really looking as i said i'm looking forward to seeing how you photograph your responses to the color green and until the next theme stay safe and i look forward to seeing your photos


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