New Photo Theme Exploring Colour

New Photo Theme Exploring Colour

 It's a new photo theme to explore, it may not be the most original but it's still a subject that's really inspiring, absorbing and powerful...

Photographing Colour - Video Transcript:

hello i hope you're well today i want to introduce a new theme for us to explore on the walking photography site and the theme i want us to explore is that

there you are what was i saying oh yes it's the full season also known as autumn and we've got a new theme to explore before i share our new theme after that uh olivier award with theatrics earlier um i don't know what got into me to be honest uh but yeah before i do that i just want to thank everyone who's responded to the previous theme on the walking photography facebook group the theme of quiet spaces more people really responded uh to that theme of quiet spaces and i'll be sharing those photos now as we speak and thank you for everyone who shared theme unthemed photos as well because they're always just as interesting just as inspiring to look at and it's great to see how different people in different locations respond to these themes and just getting out with their cameras as well so thanks for sharing those so the new theme that we're going to explore in this autumnal season is a theme of color you know it's it's a very broad it's a very simple you know almost easy theme to explore but as always with everything i want to challenge you guys to think about it a little bit deeper think about how you can get more creative with this relatively simple and broad theme and come up with something really interesting and engaging think about what color is what color means to you you know it could be a rainbow on a on a really dark grey miserable day brightening things up it could be sunlight coming through multi-colored leaves it could be an arrangement that you make from fallen leaves you know you could go from you know one color of leaves into another like in a still life that you arrange for yourself outside or indoors look at leaves coming in for a window there's loads of different options but the you know the more you think about it and the more you challenge yourself the more you'll enjoy it so that's the new theme thanks again for sending your stuff and i hope i really hope you enjoy the challenge of interpreting and creating your own responses to color as always i look forward to seeing those responses and all again feel free to share your themed and un-themed photos in the walking photography group on facebook thanks

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