New Photo Theme: It's in the Detail

New Photo Theme: It's in the Detail

A new photo theme on looking for the details is live now. Join me as I push the boundaries on 'winging it' in front of a camera event further! :D

As usual, we'd all love to see your own interpretations on the theme through our Walking Photography Facebook group:

Video Transcript:

hello i hope you're well and this week i'm really i'm really winging it even more than i normally do.

This is going to be a nice and short sweet one for you.

Thanks for everyone who sent through pictures in the response to our last topic which was green such a great range of responses really different subjects, really different approaches and really different styles as well. Which is really really great to see such a great response and everyone not just me just really enjoy seeing those and seeing how everyone looks at them differently and and it's, you know, it's a genuine joy to see that.

And thank you for people who send photos that aren't on the theme as well. You don't have to always send stuff onto the theme, we love seeing just what you're photographing in your world. So if you can't think of anything to respond to each  new theme we explore don't let that put you off sharing your photos on on the group because we love seeing them. Ao if you're watching this for the first time it's the facebook group walking photography there'll be a link if you're watching this on youtube there'll be a link on there. Uh if you're watching it on facebook you're probably round about in the right place anyway so the new topic is... what's the new topic?! The new topic is details! That's right so details.

This week's been a bit of a funny week in terms of... spring is kind of in the air and we've had moments of sunshine but we've had quite a lot here we've had quite a lot of clouds it's been quite gray and dull.

And sometimes when you're out walking or just out with your camera it can be a little bit tough in that kind of weather. Anyone on any of my workshops will know i'll always tell you there's no such thing as bad weather. You just choose your approach and what you photograph based on the weather that you get. But that said, sometimes when you're out walking and you're out with your camera and you've got that kind of soft light, that grey almost dull light. It can sometimes... you find yourself a little bit lost and at a loss of what to photograph and which direction to take with your camera.

I think that's when having this idea of a theme and a topic can really help you. And i think looking for the details is a great one when you when you experience those kind of things. It's almost my default position actually. If i'm struggling i start small, start isolating things and that's what looking for the details is about it's about separating something from the wider context of what it is.  So sometimes you can get some quite abstract shots from looking for the details, sometimes you can look for really straightforward simple shots. Uh symmetry can be quite good so you're looking at looking at picking out the details and separating something from from everything else and you can if you're outdoors it could be you know the bark of a tree. Sometimes some people are really good at finding faces in trees and vegetation and stuff which can be great and it can be you know just a mossy  bench. It could be lichen on a stick.

You don't have to do it outside, you could be indoors. There's loads of things like curtain rails and materials and textures around the house. I can see a speaker in front of me that would look quite good, looking in on that and and the great thing about looking for details in house as well is you you you can manufacture your own light, sort of play around with torches and stuff like that and have a little play around there and get yourself lost a little bit looking for details and then lighting it in your house.

It could be a really great experience so also yeah the the other things i was going to say it doesn't matter what camera you do it with, you can use your if you've got a camera dslr if you've got a phone you can use your phone. There's no difference in approach.

One of the things that you might find useful is if you've got i've got a little magnifying thing that i clip on my phone phone you know just allows you to get closer up and they're quite good they're good fun and i've taken some great shots with those. another thing you could do is actually get a magnifying glass you know if you've got a magnifying glass or even a pair of glasses or reading glasses and you can hold those in front of the camera phone or in front of your camera lens in fact if you like and use that to get closer closer up so there's loads of different options.

As always you guys are great at producing a varied range of different types of topic subjects and styles and and approaches, which is really great to see so I always look forward to seeing how you respond to each theme and i hope that you find looking for the details equally inspiring theme with some great responses so thanks again for watching sorry i've winged it a little bit more than i even more than i usually do but i hope you enjoy it and i'll see you soon!

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