Open to a New Photo Theme?

Open to a New Photo Theme?

Introducing the new theme for the Walking Photography Facebook Group ( to explore. Plus highlights from our previous theme "In Bloom" along with other top picks! 

Video Transcript...

hello i hope you're well and i hope you've been having lots of opportunities to get out with your camera over the last few weeks it's been a mixed bag of weather uh to say the least but it looks like we might be coming out of it now with some nice warm sunny weather on the horizon and a bank holiday as well so really we should look at introducing a new theme for the walking photography facebook group and thank you for everyone who has been sharing their responses to the theme in bloom some really great photographs it's been a really interesting year for in terms of bloom there's bluebells that are still out now uh there's a lot of sort of you know there's some trees that still haven't aren't fully leaves out yet the leaves aren't fully out yet so it's been very strange you know sort of may and not your typical kind of may but nevertheless there's been some great photographs of in bloom and i'm sharing some of my favorites from those responses now and with your unthemed photos which are always welcome in the facebook group we'll be sharing at the end some of the top picks at the end of this video as well so hang around and look at some of those because they're really great as well it's been a really exciting unusual but i think sometimes the unusualness of a month can be really exciting as well documenting the things that you don't normally expect to happen in may can be really really interesting as well and and that those sort of late blooms and late flowers and stuff can really be quite interesting experience with some plants being seen next to each other they don't always get to see next to each other anyway so that's that's in bloom and now in while i introduce the new theme i've been thinking about the walking group uh walking photography group on facebook let me catch my breath i'm trying to rush to get this finished before the kids get home from school but um i think you know it is one of these things that is going to grow as it grows it's sort of i guess organically you'd you'd sort of you know your market interval will just grow organically it'll just grow and um and i'll try and keep up with how it works but i think what will be quite nice is to maybe have the themed photos as a cover as a facebook cover one of the top themed photographs there's a cover for two weeks and then two weeks for an unthemed photo and then we introduce a new theme give or take a few days on how easy it is for me to get another video done and a new theme introduced for you guys so that's what we're gonna do i think and and i think that will be quite nice too because it's nice to see the themed photos and the unthemed photos and i noticed a lot of people apologizing for not sharing themed photos but you don't need to apologize because we love seeing both we love seeing the interpretation to a theme and we love seeing what you get up to and what you're photographing wherever you are and whatever you're experiencing as well because it you know it's really inspiring to see so keep sending in both and sharing both on on the facebook group so the new theme the new theme is open and i've got no clever edits and no no you know wizardry with the camera or anything to share with you other than i think open is a really relevant um topic to look at uh and i think it's a very broad topic to look at as well you know open is you know things are starting to open and i know people have you know feeling differently as things open up which is totally fine it's how it should be people who are in different situations so they will be feeling differently and i think the best way to approach that is to record your interpretation to open an openness and i don't necessarily think it needs to be about the country being open again i think it could be as literal or as conceptual as you like you know or as abstract as you like it could be as simple as opening a book or a magazine and photographing that i love looking and photographing old books and and there's something very interesting especially if you can play with the light coming in through windows and or maybe lamps and and sort of uh internal lighting if you like so there's lots you could do with that it could be opening doors opening gates it could be a flower opening up uh you know when the in the in the morning after a night the flowers start to open up and then close again as the light disappears so that could be quite an interesting thing to look at there's all sorts of stuff open spaces i've really enjoyed being back outside exploring some wide and open spaces which has felt really really nice in recent weeks so there's a lot of different kind of interpretations you know there's that you can explore and i'm sure you can think of some better ideas than i've just thrown out there as well which is great because i think the the more widely people interpret these themes the more interesting and fascinating it is to see on the facebook group so that's the new theme openness make sure you hang around and watch some of the photos that are coming out at the end because they've been really good and i've really enjoyed seeing them and i'm looking forward to seeing your responses to this new theme of open uh you can be really illiterate with that that's one of the things i meant to say you could be really literal with open you could do open signs you know those neon open outside a chip shop or something and and i'm sure there's a lot of businesses that are so thrilled to be open again there's probably some really nice personal messages which would be a really nice thing to document at this sort of very unique moment in our in our time so so yeah sorry just throwing in another thought that came across into my head as i was finishing up but i will finish up now uh so look forward to seeing your responses to open and have a great bank holiday weekend and stick around for these photos at the end



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