Out of the fog at Temple Newsam

Out of the fog at Temple Newsam

Group Photo of Photo Walkers at the Temple Newsam Social event

Photo Walk Social: Temple Newsam Leeds

Today kicked off the 2019 Photo Walk programme with a social photo walk at a top-notch Leeds location. A misty, foggy start at Temple Newsam  made for an inspiring atmosphere. For the first walk of the year, it was deliberately a pretty straight forward route, easy going and filled exciting things to photograph.

From Swans floating on a mirror pool to a large group of Basset Hound walkers, there were surprises and great scenes to photograph from start to finish. It wasn't the warmest of days but that wasn't anything a nice cuppa and scone couldn't fix afterwards! 

It's easy to think that there's not much to photograph in the bleaker months, but that's just not the case. There so much and so many ways to approach everything you encounter. As well as some great photo opps the chat was brilliant too. From hearing about peoples top locations and recent experiences to sharing advice on cameras and lenses. It's exactly what my hopes for the new Photo Walk Socials were. We even had some lens swapping! (Just for the duration of the walk.) It was the perfect start and I can' wait for the next.

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