Outdoor Photography Magazine Feature

Outdoor Photography Magazine Feature

I'm thrilled to be featured in the Jan 2020 edition of Outdoor Photography Mag. The magazine has been a useful source of inspiration to me over the years, particularly on long train journeys. This edition is no less inspiring with plenty of exciting features including a look at mountains in Winter. For me, the real gem though is an interview with conservation photographer Neil Aldridge which is accompanied by his captivating images. 

The only thing I wish I could have added to my 'moment in the spotlight' is that I am also greatly influenced by the writing of many British nature writers. Robert Macfarlane, Mary Colwell, John Lewis Steeple, Richard Mabey and many more all help bring context to the environments I wander and try to photograph. They all brilliantly and expertly highlight the complexities of landscapes that are so often, too often simplified in the media we consume. 

I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to feature in a publication that I hold in such high regard and it makes a really thrilling end/start to the year!   

 Rich Bunce in Outdoor Photography Magazine

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