Outdoors Indoors, New Lockdown Photo Theme

A new lockdown theme to explore for the Walking Photography group... Bringing the outdoors in... Watch out for Alfie 🐺, some glorious sunshine☀️, oh, and watch out for that big puddle!! 🤣 

Some highlights from the Outdoors Indoors theme via the Walking Photography Facebook group

Jay feathers in an urchin shell

Here's the video transcript... 

Hello i hope you're safe and well and thanks so much for all the photos that you've been sharing on the walking photography group really it's really lifted me seeing those photos that you've been sharing of the compositions in your home and those creative thoughts and photographs that you've made so keep them coming for this week what i thought we'd do is we're outside it's a beautiful day but we're still only outside for a limited period of time for our exercise and still looking very local areas to get outdoors so what i want to do is collect the stuff outdoors around us and bring it into the home and start photographing in that so it could be stones it could be feathers it could be liking on a tree could be a stick or twig leaf there's all sorts of stuff just start looking around for things that catch your eye and might inspire you or a little avenue of thought of creative possibilities and then bring it into the home and start photographing it around the house maybe you can make a formal composition with the things that you find maybe you look at the way you could light it through a window but one of the things that i'm thinking of doing is because i love photographing movement i'm going to be looking at maybe feathers some of the feathers that we collect i find and the kids find maybe photographing those in an interesting way i might start dropping the feather or dropping a leaf looking at that sort of side of things but i don't really know i'm just going to start doing it and see where the creative process leads me so i'm really looking forward to it and i'm really looking forward to seeing your photos as well it's always really interesting and great to see how different people respond differently to each theme and it's uh you know it's something that just i find really inspiring and interesting so i'm really looking forward to seeing those you can post those on the walking photography group whoa that's a deep paddle yeah you can post them on the facebook walking photography group and i really look forward to seeing them let's finish with a shot of alfie

he's in any element but thanks again and i'll see you soon

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