Photo Theme Monthly: In Bloom

Photo Theme Monthly: In Bloom

With many of the restrictions being eased and things getting busier here, there and everywhere, our photos themes will begin to be updated on a monthly basis. Here's the latest theme for May which includes a virtual forest bath. Hope you enjoy...  

As always we'd love to see your theme responses in the Walking Photography Facebook Group.

In Bloom Photo Theme Video Transcript

hello and thanks for joining me on an absolute stonker of a day. i'm out here in a local woodland and the it couldn't be more perfect. it's just there's no wind there's life all around me uh vibrant colors natural sounds and it's just a real joy to be out here and i just want to share some of this with you in the form of a kind of virtual forest bath... 

[ Birdsong and woodland sounds ]

well i i hope you did enjoy that and that's uh left you feeling inspired relaxed or or whatever.

and it's just it's just so fantastic what's felt like kind of a a long winter really uh to be outdoors in a on a glorious day experiencing nature. uh you know it's it's it's a real breath of fresh air after what's been a you know tough time for everyone in different ways and so to be able to be outdoors and start getting creative again is a real a real privilege. and um i want to thank everyone who's contributed to the last theme that felt a little bit i'm still not sure where the theme of bridges came from um but the response was fantastic and it's been really great seeing everyone's different interpretations and different photographs on bridges and i know a lot of other people have really enjoyed seeing those photos as well and so we're going to be a bit more conventional and a little bit more um obvious i guess with this new theme and the new theme is going to be on in bloom so anything that's coming into bloom whether it's lee's whether it's flowers i'm surrounded by bluebells here which is just fantastic and and convenient as i'm doing the bell was a fertile walk this weekend but uh you know there's life springing up all around us so it's uh it's an obvious theme but i know that everyone's gonna interpret it really differently and um and sink their teeth into it creatively and and it's gonna be really great to see everyone's different interpretations of in bloom so i'm gonna really enjoy and i know everyone else will really enjoy seeing those the photos that you guys come up with and uh i'm gonna leave it there really i don't wanna i don't need to um linger on especially when there's so much to get outdoors and photograph and uh but on on another note i'll put those other photos the the unthemed photos at the end of this video because we appreciate and love those just as much as we like love and enjoy looking at the themed photographs as well so thank you for sharing your photos from your neck of the woods where you've been out with your camera because it's really great to see uh the different environments that people are in and the different ways that people take photographs it really helps inspire us and keep us creative as well so thanks for that and i hope you enjoy responding to the theme in bloom and i'll see you again soon.

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