Photo Walk Social With BNY Mellon

Photo Walk Social With BNY Mellon


Last month I was asked to lead a team building Photo Walk Social for the US Banking and Financial Services Corporation BNY Mellon

Starting at the BNY Mellon riverside office in Leeds, the walk took the group around the city as we explored how to get great photos from any camera in any environment.

Up until the start time, West Yorkshire had enjoyed blue skies and warm sunshine. However, as soon as we stepped outside, the dark clouds gathered and the heavens opened. Armed with umbrellas and some good, old fashioned grit, we pressed on! Luckily, the rain vanished and sun came out as quickly as the downpour had appeared and we continued the photo walk without another drop falling.

We finished with a drink and some snacks at the Whitecloth Photography Gallery bar, where we reflected on some of the photos taken and looked at some of the Tour de France photos on display in the gallery.

It was a great photo walk and I loved how attentive and enthusiastic everyone was. The photos and feedback I’ve had from the workshop are fantastic! Here’s just some of the great photos they produced during the walk…

One attendee also published a blog post on this Leeds Photo Walk which can be seen on

And here’s some of the comments made…

“The course was very helpful. I didn’t realise that there were so many different ways to look at (and capture) a scene.”

“It introduced me to some basic principles of photography as well as helping me think about my surroundings and how they can be photographed in different ways”

“It’s helped me open my eyes when taking a photo. I would like to do this again or in a 1-2-1 session… There was great interaction & good use of different delivery methods such as showing us different photos on the iPad.”

“Nice to get some new ideas and helps to confidence to be with a group when taking photos.”

If your company would like to know more about running a photo walk as a social outing or team building event, please call 07828117810 and speak to Rich Bunce.

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