Rain Fails to Stop Play on Halifax Photo Walk

Rain Fails to Stop Play on Halifax Photo Walk

When I tell people rainy weather forecasts can be great for photography, it’s often met with a wry smile and exaggerated wink. But I always mean it!

The Piece Hall Photo Walk is a classic case in point. Despite an abysmal forecast a good number of people braved the rain and came out to play. As a result we were rewarded with some fantastic photo opportunities and when the weather did get a little too much, in a moment of serendipity, we were compensated (for want of a better word!) with a wondrous wander inside Halifax Town Hall.

By the end of the walk, those who lingered were blessed with a truly spectacular rainbow over The Piece Hall.

Fortune Favours the Brave is a slogan traditionally and presently used in the military, but it’s safe to say the phrase is just as appropriate for photo walkers.

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