Walking Photography at RHS Harlow Carr in 2024

Walking Photography at RHS Harlow Carr in 2024

Once again, I am delighted to be working with the team at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate for a fourth year of delivering workshops in their beautiful grounds. Following on from January’s Get a Grip Camera Course, I will be at RHS Harlow Carr for another three events throughout 2024 and I wanted to let you know what to expect. 

Each will help you master different skills and techniques with your camera, whether you are looking to improve the way you photograph your local wildlife, you want to learn the tricks of the trade for taking photos up close or you are interested in how to capture the changing seasons in your area. 

The workshops are open to all, from beginners to those with more experience and they are accessible, with small class sizes so I can work with you to develop your own individual style, offering tailored advice. 

Photography Workshops at RHS Harlow Carr

Here are the workshops I will be running:

Composition Photography Masterclass – Friday 3rd May 2024

How much time do you spend considering composition? In the hustle and bustle of the everyday it can be hard to find the time to stop and properly consider the impact of how we frame the image we want to capture. 


This workshop provides the opportunity to take that time and explore the power of considered composition. You will be amazed how much of a difference it will make! 

This is a practical workshop for people of all abilities, experience levels and any type of camera. And I promise to reveal the secrets to creating better compositions! 

Feel free to join us with any type of camera, including camera phones. 

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How to Take Stunning Close-Up and Macro Photographs – Saturday 13th July 2024

When you delve into the world of macro and close-up photography, your world will never be the same again! 

Exploring the miniature, I am hosting a practical and inspiring introduction to macro and close-up photography. Whether you’re an absolute beginner with a camera or a seasoned pro with a bag full of gear, you’ll enjoy an engaging workshop packed with tips and advice from my nearly 20 years of professional experience.  

As well as looking into the key approaches and techniques for stunning close-up photography there’ll be plenty of opportunity for more specific, tailored tuition and tips as the workshop progresses. 

You will need a camera you can take off the automatic setting. If you have them, macro lenses, close-up filters, extension tubes and mobile macro lenses may help you get more from the workshop, but they aren’t essential.

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Autumn Colours Photography Workshop – Friday 18 October 2024

We will explore the glorious autumnal scenes at RHS Harlow Carr and I guarantee you will leave with photos that exceed your expectations. Whether you bring a camera phone or a pro-level camera, I have a range of practical tips and demonstrations to help you soak up the warm autumn colour. 

As well as being able explore the vibrant autumn scenes on offer in the gardens, you’ll also walk away with newfound skills to help you continue to take photos with that wow factor anytime, anywhere. 

We’ll look into practical photographic themes like composition, mastering natural light, how to identify and capture moments, getting the best from colour and much more. There’ll also be plenty of one-on-one time to help you work on the areas that matter most to you. 

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Night Photography at Glow – Thursday 5th December 2024

As the breathtaking Glow returns with a new and exciting exhibit, don’t miss this unique opportunity to capture some stunning night time photographs. 

Starting at the learning centre with a hot drink, I will share with you the key approaches and concepts to taking incredible night photographs. We’ll then explore the route, taking time to appreciate and compose the illuminations and capturing the breathtaking scenes at their best! There may even be a chance for the odd piece of exclusive access within the route, giving you an opportunity for unique photographs the other visitors won't be able to capture.

The workshop and walk is available to people of all experience levels and abilities. You may wish to consider bringing a tripod as this will help you push the quality of the photos you take even further.

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Want to Know More? 

If you want to find out more about my photography workshops at Harlow Carr in Harrogate, get in contact. They are fun and productive days with a purposefully small class size so that I can work with you individually as well as in a group to help you get the most out of your photography. 

If you can't make the dates above, don't worry! Contact me and we can arrange a private lesson to help you with developing any of the skills from these workshops and more! 

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