USED Sony A7r IV

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If you're looking for exceptional image quality and a like big files to work with and/or crop into, you won't find better near this price bracket (listed considerably less than MPB). 

With Canon being my work-horse camera bodies, this Sony camera has been used very lightly. Maybe once a month when I've gone out landscape hunting or for night photography. I love the images this camera has produced, particularly with the 20mm G series lens (sold separately). 

I'm a little reluctant to let go but I'm starting to consolidate my Canon equipment now. 


  • A7 R IV body
  • x2 Sony NP-FZ100 Z-series Rechargeable Batteries + charger
  • Small rig L bracket 

Please do get in touch and pop into the studio to see and try before buying. 


Bасk-іllumіnаtеd full-frаmе 61МР іmаgе ѕеnѕоr

Rіvаlѕ mеdіum fоrmаt іmаgе quаlіtу

А hugе 15-ѕtорѕ оf dуnаmіс rаngе

UЅВ роrt uрgrаdеd tо UЅВ 3.2 “ЅuреrЅрееd UЅВ 5Gbрѕ”

Орtісаl іn-bоdу іmаgе ѕtаbіlіѕаtіоn uр tо 5-ѕtорѕ

567 рhаѕе-dеtесtіоn роіntѕ whісh соvеr 74% оf thе frаmе

Rеаl-tіmе trасkіng іАF fоr bоth humаnѕ аnd аnіmаlѕ

Full ѕеnѕоr wіdth сарturе & оvеrѕаmрlеd 6К fоr 4К сарturе

Ѕlоg2/3 fоr 14-ѕtорѕ оf dуnаmіс rаngе & Нуbrіd Lоg Gаmmа

Rеаl-tіmе іАF trасkіng fоr vіdео

Dіgіtаl аudіо іntеrfасе іn саmеrа

Duаl UНЅ-ІІ ѕlоtѕ fоr fаѕt fіlе ѕаvіng аnd trаnѕfеr

5.76 mіllіоn dоt UХGА ОLЕD vіеwfіndеr

Can I bring children?

From an early age, photography has played such a key role in my life. As part of my desire to champion photography to young people I offer free places for under 16s when accompanied by a paying adult

What if the weather forecast is bad?

You may be surprised just how many bad forecasts result in beautiful days - it happens a lot!

Walking Photography will always try and proceed with a planned photo walk. If extreme weather conditions or severe accessibility issues arise, then the walk date will rearranged for a convenient date. 

What if the weather is bad? 

It is surprisingly rare to have an event that is completely marred by the weather. With a deep to commitment to offering fun and enjoyable photo walks and workshops, if the event is judged to have been ruined by the weather participants will be given a 50% discount voucher off a future Photo Walk workshop up to the same value. 

Can I bring my camera phone or tablet?

Yes! We welcome camera phone and tablet walkers on most photo walks. There are some events like Get a Grip Course and the Night Photo Walks where you require manual functions on your camera. Such events are clearly noted in the descriptions.

What is the accessibility like? 

Accessibility varies widely from event to event. Please get in touch with any accessibility questions.

Walking Photography also offers Private Leisure Tours at a fixed rate that can be tailored to address any accessibility needs.