November Nights With Walking Photography

It's November and the nights are closing in as the Winter Solstice edges closer. While we began the month with a cracking dawn photo walk in Malham, November at Walking Photography has mainly been about Night photography

On all occasions, we've been really lucky with the weather, particularly with how wet this November has been.

Each night session has been both unique and inspiring. Ilkley is always charming to take photos in and we even got to chat with the Christmas light technicians who were carrying out tests at the time of our walk. Leeds is always stunning at night, there's almost too many places to explore here but I always think it's best by the water and some stunning photos from the photo walk justify this. 

I've recently had the privilege of working with some young people in Shipley in association with Spongetree. The project culminated with a night photo walk in Saltaire where we got some gorgeous photos! 

The 1st December will be Walking Photography's last public photo walk of the year and what a walk to finish on: Night Photography in York! Fear not though as there's more night photo walks planned for the beginning of 2020! 

Here's some favourite pics from the November workshops...  

lightbox-gallery  lightbox-gallery



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