Seasonal Photo Walks

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From Bluebells to Waterfalls...
Take Better Photos of Seasonal Spectaculars

Enjoy breathtaking natural scenery at their peak, with well researched and easy going photo walks. From bluebells and wildflowers to heathland and autumnal waterfalls. 

2023 Seasonal Photo Walk Dates:

3rd March, 10.30am - 5.30pm: Late Winter in the Lakes, Grasmere

28th April, 6pm - 8.30pm: Bluebell Woods at Golden Hour

11th Jun, 6pm - 8.30pm: Wildflower Meadows in Muker at Golden Hour

20th Aug, 10am - 1pm: Ilkley Moor Heathland Photo Walk

29th October, 9am to 4.30pm: Autumn in the Lakes, Grasmere 

3rd November, 8am to 4pm: Chasing Waterfalls at "Fall", (Yorkshire Dales) * 3 spaces & transport provided during workshops * 

Enjoy a spectacular photo walks in magical settings and learn how to capture them at their best! 

Natural Bluebell Woods Photo Walk

Skill Level: All abilities & camera types (inc. phones) welcome
Location: Ilkley
Terrain: Easy, small hills, and boggy areas likely, approx 1-2 miles 
Additional: Free illustrated PDF download emailed afterwards

This magical photo walk spans two small, un-manicured woodlands, both with very different characters. In fact, every turn and every corner of this walk has a different feel and reveals a new perspective. 

It's easy to feel spellbound in this environment, yet harder to get the photos that do the scenes justice. With expert advice from professional photographer and International Garden Photographer of the Year category finalist Rich Bunce, you'll be given practical advice on getting the best from such scenes with any camera.

Rich has spent nearly 10 years chasing photos in this enchanting setting and is very connected to the environment here. Join him for an engaging, practical and friendly workshop.  

Wildflowers Meadows Photo Walk, Yorkshire Dales  

Skill Level: All abilities & camera types (inc. phones) welcome
Location: Muker
Terrain: Easy, narrow styles and boggy areas likely, approx 1-2 miles 
Additional: Free illustrated PDF download emailed afterwards

This enchanting photo walk is like a gateway into another world. A world class landscape with photo opportunities you won't find anywhere else. 

Capture the stunning and rare beauty of Muker's wildflower meadows in their prime!

Explore the uplifting colours and learn how to capture them at their best with a professional, award-winning photographer as your guide. The workshop is led by Rich Bunce Walking Photographer who won a commendation in International Garden Photographer of the Year. 

Ilkley Moor Photo Walk: Heather, Heritage and Moor! 


Skill Level: All abilities & camera types (inc. phones) welcome
Location: Ilkley Moor
Terrain: Moderate, some short, sharp ascents and descents with rough terrain
Additional: Free illustrated PDF download emailed afterwards

Timed to coincide with the peak in flowering heather, this is a multi-faceted photo walk explores one of Yorkshire's hidden gems. 

Ilkley Moor is a landscape unlike any other, it's an environment that's been inspiring people from before the Bronze Age. With over 250 neolithic rock carvings, it is thought to host one of the highest concentrations (per  m2) of neolithic artwork in Europe.  

With unique views in every direction and diverse wildlife darting all around, it can be hard to know where to look! Luckily award winning professional photographer Rich Bunce is on hand to help guide you. Delivering practical and tailored advice in a friendly and straight forward way. 

Grasmere & Rydal Water, Lake District

Grasmere, Lake District Photo Walk Autumn

Winter & Autumn Spectaculars

Terrain: Rocky, uneven paths, some steepish (short) slopes & hills
Distance: 6-7 miles approx 
Skill Level: All abilities beginners to advanced 
Additional: Max Spaces 5, Golden Hour Finale & PDF Notes 

It's hard to find a nook in this outstanding area that isn't stunning. Yet, there is the odd spot that is overlooked or missed by those searching for those iconic views. The extended photo walk tour allows for more time to take in the more unique and original views of the area while still having plenty of time for the famous ones! 

Autumnal Spectacular

Timed with the peak of Autumn colour, a Golden Hour finale and advice from award-winning photographer Rich, this photo walk offers a really exciting mix of practical and truly-inspirational learning opportunities.   

Late Winter Special 

Late winter in the lakes can be equally spectacular. While the wintry landscape lends itself to more minimalistic compositions, the potential snow topped peaks and misty scenes can lead to some original and visually stunning photos. 

Chasing Yorkshire Dales Waterfalls in Autumn  

Yorkshire Dales Waterfall

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Location: Yorkshire Dales (Wensleydale area)
Terrain: Slightly hazardous, Muddy, slippery, steep slopes and rocky
Additional: 3 places Max, Travel included between falls, Free illustrated PDF download emailed afterwards
What to Bring: Any camera with some manual functions and a tripod (camera & tripod hire available)


Set in James Herriot country we'll spend the day seeking out the best waterfalls Yorkshire has to offer. Exploring some of the iconic waters like the epic Aysgarth Falls and Hardraw Force, with some unmissable hidden gems in between! 

Timed to catch them at peak season for colour and water force, award winning professional photographer Rich Bunce will share detailed and practical advice, based on your camera and experience to capture these classic waters at their best.

Private Tours  

If you can't make the dates above or would prefer a more specific workshop, why not book a private tour. The fees are flat rate, so you can bring a friend or two for free! 

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Can I bring children?

From an early age, photography has played such a key role in my life. As part of my desire to champion photography to young people I offer free places for under 16s when accompanied by a paying adult

What if the weather forecast is bad?

You may be surprised just how many bad forecasts result in beautiful days - it happens a lot!

Walking Photography will always try and proceed with a planned photo walk. If extreme weather conditions or severe accessibility issues arise, then the walk date will rearranged for a convenient date. 

What if the weather is bad? 

It is surprisingly rare to have an event that is completely marred by the weather. With a deep to commitment to offering fun and enjoyable photo walks and workshops, if the event is judged to have been ruined by the weather participants will be given a 50% discount voucher off a future Photo Walk workshop up to the same value. 

Can I bring my camera phone or tablet?

Yes! We welcome camera phone and tablet walkers on most photo walks. There are some events like Get a Grip Course and the Night Photo Walks where you require manual functions on your camera. Such events are clearly noted in the descriptions.

What is the accessibility like? 

Accessibility varies widely from event to event. Please get in touch with any accessibility questions.

Walking Photography also offers Private Leisure Tours at a fixed rate that can be tailored to address any accessibility needs.


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